TuTuApp: Once you start using a smartphone, you get to know that there are, in reality, only two giant operating systems: Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Aboard these two standard Operating Systems are various apps, some of which are free to use, while some are premium apps. There is a third category of applications called freemium apps which are free to use and will charge you money in case you wish to access the more premium features. Now, TuTuApp will help you access all the great features without the need to pay for them. We tell you how.

It’s is a Chinese app store which is as good as the online official stores provided by other, bigger players. These bigger players include Google’s Play Store and Apple’s online app store. Despite the fact that the app store is Chinese, a new TuTuApp English version has recently been released, which means that the developers are sure that this app store has what it takes to take on the biggest names in the industry.

TuTuApp Features: No More Paid Apps

This was the first app store which was able to host the Pokemon Go app for free. Until that time, the popular game had been limited to paid app stores. However, the TuTuApp Apk was able to give the users and gaming enthusiasts full access to the game- all without having to pay a single buck. What else does the new app store offer? We discuss the features below.

  • This app is designed to allow download of various premium apps from the official Google and Apple app stores without the need to pay any money. This makes it the first choice of people who would like to have access to the various apps without having to pay for them.
  • TuTuApp Apk download is completely free of cost, bandwidth-effective, and absolutely safe. You can download it from our Apk page.
  • Remember that most of the really great apps which are hosted on Google and Apple stores online are freemium models, which essentially means that while you can use some of the features all of the time and all of the other features some of the time, you cannot use all of the features all of the time. This means that you will have to pay for the more premium apps or features at some point in time. To avoid that, you need the help of the TuTuApp.
  • TuTuApp for Android, TuTuApp for iOS, and TuTuApp for PC-all of these options are available. This means that no matter which OS you use, you can access all the great features which this free online app store provides.
  • There are some extra features which this app will provide, besides the app unlocking one. This is: once you have started using this application, you will be able to use it also as a cleaning app which can be used to dust off older app data to then speed up your device. It can thus act as a cleaning tool.
  • Once you download this app, you will see that it also acts as a task manager as well as a file manager. File managing apps usually do not come for free and hence this feature can also be an added bonus.
  • Once you start using the TuTuApp Apk, you will notice that it has more than one great feature which is not easily available. For example, it has a very clean and very detailed user interface which is easily accessible and which does not take too great a technical expertise to navigate. This means that even if you are a technological novice, TuTuApp for Android and TuTuApp for iPhones are easily used.
  • Once you start using the app, you will come to know just how many types of apps it supports. In this sense, it is not only a third party app store but also a very good download manager as well; it even prompts you to choose which download is the best suited to the device you are using and the OS your device runs.
  • It comes with a built-in toolbox which lets you control your WiFi and Bluetooth connections. This is also a part of the file manager app’s features.
  • Remember that although TuTuApp free is not possible, you will not have to pay through your nose to use this app.
  • Lastly, remember that you can always download the Apk file from our TuTuApp Apk page which only hosts the most updated and the latest version. Also the most secure version.

TuTuApp Free Download for Android: Freemiums are always welcome

In order to download the app on your Android devices, you will have to follow a very simple process. The steps are:

  • On your Android device, go to the ‘Settings’. Now navigate to ‘Security.’ Finally, you will have to turn on the option which enables downloading from ‘Unknown Sources.’
  • Once done, navigate to the TuTuApp Apk page on our website. Download the Apk file.
  • Click to install. Note that you may have to reboot the device to get it running properly.

Download TuTuApp for iOS Devices- Give your iPhone a wing of Freedom

Yes, this app is also available for iOS-equipped devices. In order to successfully complete the iOS download, you will have to visit our APK page where all the steps are mentioned. We also provide the detailed guide to download TuTuApp iOS without jailbreak.

TuTuApp for PC- A Breakthrough

Yes, you can now download the TuTuApp on your Windows PC as well. Since this is an Apk file, you will need to use a nifty piece of software called an Android emulator. Simply put, an emulator actually checkmates the Windows OS and makes it believe that it is an Android platform. In order to make things simpler, we use freely available emulators like the Remix OS and others. Visit our Apk page for more details.

  • Download and install the Remix OS Android emulator on your Windows PC.
  • Now make sure that you download the Apk file from our Apk page.
  • Make sure that you keep the downloaded Apk file in an easy-to-locate place.
  • Open the home screen of the Remix OS and then simply drag and drop the Apk file.
  • Reboot and you are done.

TuTuApp Alternatives- Explore the opportunities 

While the TuTuApp will grant you all the great features which are normally associated with such apps, there might be users who may face some problems with this app. For them, we have developed a list of alternatives to TuTuApp, some of which you are welcome to try out and then decide for yourself whether to use it or not. The list includes:

  • vShare: vShare is a similar free app which is also available for both Android and iOS versions. This is a great app store as well, very similar in style and function to the TuTuApp. It is also available as a paid version, where you can easily access the great premium features of this app store after you have paid money to the developers.
  • Mobogenie Market: Perhaps the only app store on this list which is nearly¬†as, if not more, popular app than the TuTuApp Apk download. As the name mentions, this is a whole store or ‘Market.’ Unlike the Google Play Store, you can use the Mobogenie Market to download many apps which complement the already existing apps on your device.

  • GetJar: GetJar is perhaps the oldest app store on this list. It helps you download apps from app stores from other countries in your own language. You will thus be able to access the Russian or Chinese language app stores and then download whatever they have to offer in your own language.
  • APK Mirror: Unlike other on the list, this is actually an app website and not a standalone app. This means that you can navigate everything that is on offer and then download them free of cost. Comes in great variety, as does the TuTuApp Apk download.
  • Opera Mobile Store: Opera is a web browser and is known for all the great features that any normal browser provides. In this case, you can consider the Opera Mobile Store, which is a great place to begin in case you are looking for free apps. Works on both iOS and Android devices.

Wrap up

Thus ends our guide to download and use the TuTuApp free Apk. Remember that once you have installed the app on your mobile device, you will be able to start using it to download other apps- for free. Since we believe in using great free apps ourselves, we decided that we would inform you too of what app stores- other than Google Play Store and Apple’s online store- can do. Be sure to check this page from time to time for more timely updates.